When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



Rolling eyes. Sighs. Mumbling. Grumbling. Taking one self very seriously. Shoes everywhere. Crumbs everywhere. General grumpiness. That’s my life at the moment with 2 teenage boys in the house. Why is it that as soon boys become teenagers they become so serious about life? Where did the fun little boys go? We used to have so much fun with them. Now they don’t really want to go anywhere with us. They will only come with if there is something in it for them.

Shopping. That’s a whole other ball game right there. Our shopping trips almost always end in someone arguing with someone. Especially when we go clothes shopping. I need copious amounts of Xanor and alcohol after a shopping excursion. I am hoping it gets better. But you must know, shopping is serious business with boys. I always thought girls took clothes shopping seriously. Boys do too! It has to be a specific brand, nothing else will do, the shoes has to be just so. They must also go with any given outfit. And under wear is also very specific. Who knew?

We are going shopping for clothes again next week. The one thing about boys, is growth. They grow incredibly fast. We just cant keep up. My eldest’s feet are massive! Way bigger than mine. You never really think it will get there when they are tiny babies. But boy does the time go fast! Pete says it’s also because they eat so much. They will eat normal meals with a boatload of snacking in between, and yet they still remain so skinny! (wish I was a boy)

I do have to say though, when they are not all grumpy and mumbly they can be very funny. Most of their jokes are directed at their parents, and apparantly we do some very funny things. Last night Pete cooked supper, soup actually, and it was very tomatoey. And our youngest was teasing his Dad no end, with peels of laughter eminating from the little mister. It was very funny. Pete and I always say the boys are going to be very surprised at how much we will learn in the next 7 years!

A few years ago a lady told me that when boys become teenagers they leave the planet and only return when they turn 20 or 21. My boys were little and very very sweet, and I actually thought to myself ever so smarmy “Not MY boys! They will always be these 2 sweet kids.” *cough* Yeah, no.  So now I look at Mommies with boys and I know, she is in for a surprise, just like I was, but I dont say anything to boy Mommy’s because we actually don’t want to hear these things. Each parent wants to find out on their own time anyway.

But the very good thing about boys, they love their Mommies. I mean Moms! That never changes, they just do it a bit less openly than they used to. But I’m sure as soon as they become men in their own right they will become sweet and loving again.

“I didn’t answer, but, please—nothing is obvious with boys. For such simple creatures, they are quite baffling.” 



The first pimple! (that won’t go away!)

Last week Tim came running into my bedroom with his index finger implanted on his forehead, wide eyes and a look of shock and horror on his face! My first thought was that he must have bumped his head or something horrid, but alas, it was a ……..P-I-M-P-L-E!! Eeek! In his words “a bloody HUGE zit Mo-o-o-o-om!!!! My very uncool and heavy reaction? “Aaaaaw! How cute! Your first pimple!! So NOT the reaction he was looking for, but hey, it IS the boy’s first chorb! So an emergency meeting was called, (I kid you not) so that we can figure out how to vanquish the evil zit. I dabbed some of my Clinique clarifying lotion on the offending protrusion (my mom’s miracle cure for zits) and had him hold the cotton swab on the zit for about 5 mins, then I put some blemish gel on to dry it out.

He left feeling much calmer and a whole lot better about the pimple. That is until this morning. When he came running into my bedroom with his hair pulled back and yelled “It’s SPREADING!!!!” Oh.my.word. did I laugh! He just wanted it off his head already! So I gave him the same treatment as last week, but now he’s very closely monitoring the chorbs, he does NOT want then to get any bigger or God forbid, SPREAD! We had a good ol’ chuckle at the shinanigans this morning, and he’s still gonna learn that zits are all part of growing up.

Which brings me to the growing up bit. I was looking at their baby photos yesterday, and you know when you have littlies it feels like they are going to stay small forever? I used to feel that, it was great, coz I just LOVED the little boyhood, they were just adorable. And then I blinked. Big mistake. Now it’s chorbs and music and girls and friends, and certainly no more mommy. They do grow up so incredibly fast! And as much as I loved the little boyhood, I’m equally loving the bigger boyhood, we can talk about stuff and they tell me secrets and I share *some* of mine, it’s great. But with each passing year I know we are getting closer to adulthood. They are already talking about what they want to study. Tim wants to study civil engineering and Phil wants to study industrial design. And it’s only 6 years away. Then it’s all over. 6 Short years then my biggest boy is at varsity. I wish I could fill every second of their lives and be around them all the time, because I know I’m going to blink again, then they will be adults.

So for the time being, I’ll be on zit patrol and have their smelly arm pits shoved in my face coz “Look! I’m getting under arm hair! Woohoo!!” I’ll tell them what they need to know about girls and such and hope the time passes by ever so slowly.

“No way dude! That is SO last century!” Phil telling Tim my music is old.



Yesterday the boys asked me to spill some beans about when I was a teenager. They wanted me to tell them all the naughty things I did. So I suffered from a bit of amnesia, and really wracked my brains to “remember” what I got up to. So T asked me an outright question. “Did you do any drugs?” Caught slightly off guard, I gathered myself and decided not to lie, so I said “yes I did” I smoked  some weed. Thinking my boys were gonna be dissapointed that their mom was a drug addict, I was greeted with ” COOOOOL!!” Um, not the reaction I was going for here boys! The questions were flying around! “What was it like? How many times did you do that? Did you smoke it?” Well, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life, I did it once, and yes I smoked it. Hated it, but it was the 80’s and I’ve never done anything that stupid again!

They were quite impressed that I told them the truth, (pat pat pat) then wanted to know if I drank alcohol. So I told them that I did, and I told them about the time that Aunty Lielie and I (I had to bring my sister into this, I’m not hanging alone!!) got very drunk in the kitchen when I was 11 and she was 12, we found the bottles of Tia Maria, liqueur and aged brandy and “tested” everything. My parents found us on the kitchen floor, pretty much on the drunk side. Did we get into trouble? Dunno really, can’t remember!!

They wanted me to tell them everything, and I thought it wise to not tell them everything we got up to as teens, we were pretty wild in the 80’s. When they’re 50 I’ll tell them!!

Then I said it was their turn to spill. And spill they did!! My goodness have these two been naughty, nothing too serious, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I’m not allowed to tell all here, it’s mostly pranks and the age old game of  “tok tokkie”. It’s a bit difficult to play that game with gate buzzers, but they make do! Suffice to say, I’m glad they have the freedom to tell me what they get up to with their friends. It was lots of fun telling each other our secrets, at least they don’t think I’m too lame!

Pete also has a few stories up his sleeve, but I think it’s dangerous stuff. I don’t want them to try and do the things Pete got up to with his buds, so he can’t say anything just yet. He basically did the same stuff we did, except making bombs, that we didn’t do!!

Life is getting very interesting these days, I’m totally outnumbered here, at least I can hold my own in this house. Luckily I’m not a very girly girl, a bit of a tomboy actually. At least I’ll get my shopping fix when my sister finishes her contract!!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Rooseveldt.


Smoking=Bad for you!

Yesterday I had a VERY sick little boy. The day before, him and his little brother with their friend, got it in their heads to make their own cigs, as they call it.  They took paper and mint, the fresh variety growing in said friend’s garden. Had  an absolute blast almost setting the friend’s house on fire, practically sending the granny and grandpa to an early grave! So there they were, the 3 smokateers puffing on a paper and mint cig. I can just imagine what that  must have looked like!! “At least it was a healthy cigarette” I was told! Me rolling my eyes coz ya know, there ain’t such a thing as a HEALTHY cigarette, smoke is smoke dude! So I think he suffered from slight smoke inhalation, which made him think twice about ever doing something that silly again. Man, that’s just not cricket!!

Anyway, T was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, he vomited twice and had a headache from hell, me thinks it was a bit of a hangover! Now I don’t do vomiting, in any shape or form, never have never will, most probably! So everytime he called me and said he was gonna puke, I called Pete and told him T’s gonna puke! I’m running out of his room as Pete walks in to sit with him and clean up! Me winning again the title for “Mother of the year award” Phew! Hectic stuff!

Today he told me that he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER smoke anything again, ever. I think that’s a good choice, a very good choice. The thing is, when you start smoking, at some point, you HAVE to quit. That’s the problem, it’s not something one can do for the rest of your life and be healthy.

“Age considers, youth ventures.”


Boyhood daze.

The boys have a friend, she’s a girl, but no-one’s girlfriend. I’ve noticed some patterns with this friendship. When they want to see one another it’s all on her terms. They’ll sms and ask if she can come out to meet them on the oval, and she’ll say “Nah, not nw, am bizzy” (sms language) Then an hour or two will go by and she’ll sms and say “Ok, can com nw, meet me outside” then the boys leave WHATEVER they’re doing and dash out the door! I spoke to my sister about this and my BIL asked if I’m just figuring this out now. Figure what out? “That women hold all the power.” He told me that guys do whatever women want them to do! Ha! Was my first reaction, that’s SO not true! Then Pete put me in the picture, and I had to concede he was right. Doesn’t happen very often this being right thing!

My poor boys! I’m feeling a bit protective of them now that the female of the species yield so much power over them. I like being the female of the species, I really do, it’s so much fun. But I don’t like my boys being on the receiving end. Not so nice then. We had a good chuckle at my new found epiphany. The only thing is, how do I teach the boys to retain some power? They get all gaga over girls, and although I know it’s the natural order of things, it’s hard being the Mom who has to stand on the sidelines and watch this whole thing unfold before my very eyes. I think they need some tactics in dealing with this. I know I definitely do!!

” A beautiful mind is one that can see the extraordinary in the everyday and the magnificent in the mundane.”