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The first pimple! (that won’t go away!)

Last week Tim came running into my bedroom with his index finger implanted on his forehead, wide eyes and a look of shock and horror on his face! My first thought was that he must have bumped his head or something horrid, but alas, it was a ……..P-I-M-P-L-E!! Eeek! In his words “a bloody HUGE zit Mo-o-o-o-om!!!! My very uncool and heavy reaction? “Aaaaaw! How cute! Your first pimple!! So NOT the reaction he was looking for, but hey, it IS the boy’s first chorb! So an emergency meeting was called, (I kid you not) so that we can figure out how to vanquish the evil zit. I dabbed some of my Clinique clarifying lotion on the offending protrusion (my mom’s miracle cure for zits) and had him hold the cotton swab on the zit for about 5 mins, then I put some blemish gel on to dry it out.

He left feeling much calmer and a whole lot better about the pimple. That is until this morning. When he came running into my bedroom with his hair pulled back and yelled “It’s SPREADING!!!!” Oh.my.word. did I laugh! He just wanted it off his head already! So I gave him the same treatment as last week, but now he’s very closely monitoring the chorbs, he does NOT want then to get any bigger or God forbid, SPREAD! We had a good ol’ chuckle at the shinanigans this morning, and he’s still gonna learn that zits are all part of growing up.

Which brings me to the growing up bit. I was looking at their baby photos yesterday, and you know when you have littlies it feels like they are going to stay small forever? I used to feel that, it was great, coz I just LOVED the little boyhood, they were just adorable. And then I blinked. Big mistake. Now it’s chorbs and music and girls and friends, and certainly no more mommy. They do grow up so incredibly fast! And as much as I loved the little boyhood, I’m equally loving the bigger boyhood, we can talk about stuff and they tell me secrets and I share *some* of mine, it’s great. But with each passing year I know we are getting closer to adulthood. They are already talking about what they want to study. Tim wants to study civil engineering and Phil wants to study industrial design. And it’s only¬†6 years away. Then it’s all over.¬†6 Short years then my biggest boy is at varsity. I wish I could fill every second of their lives and be around them all the time, because I know I’m going to blink again, then they will be adults.

So for the time being, I’ll be on zit patrol and have their smelly arm pits shoved in my face coz “Look! I’m getting under arm hair! Woohoo!!” I’ll tell them what they need to know about girls and such and hope the time passes by ever so slowly.

“No way dude! That is SO last century!” Phil telling Tim my music is old.