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The age of technology.

Yesterday we took the boys to go and buy each of them the Sam.sung Cor.by. All their friends have one, so automatically they want the SAME phone! It’s a cute little phone, all touch screen (off course as nothing else will do) And as I stood there looking at the sales lady telling them about the phone and all it’s functions I thought about myself at 12 years of age, and realised how much the world had changed. The boys each got an i.pod na.no last month so they have their ear phones on alot, but because I’m a bit anal about ear health and such boring grown-up stuff I tell them 30 mins to an hour with the ear phones turned down low, and the rest of the time they must use the speakers. But when that happens they turn these things up quite loudly and then all we hear is the blaring speakers of the i.pod.

I don’t mind it so much, but those little devices can play the music quite loud albeit a bit tinny, coz you know, it doesn’t have much bass. Anyway, last night Pete and I discussed buying them each a stereo, just a little one with an i.pod base or whatever they call it now, so that the boys can listen to non tinny music. But he feels we should wait a few months so they can use their new devices for a while before adding to the technology which is fast overtaking their rooms.

We are also looking at play.station 3. There Pete and I are divided. I want them to have one and he’s not so sure. So we are still debating that. It just seems that there are so many things out there that kids want, and they themselves can’t make up their minds between x.box, W.II or play.station! I know we’ll make the right decision, but until then they have their new nifty phones to keep them busy. How simple life was when I was a youngster, boring, but simple.

At least now I can take their phones and play new games! Hee hee hee, payback! I pointed out yesterday that I very graciously let them use my phone whenever they wanted or needed to use it, so now I can do the same! They were not very happy with their mom, but hey, that’s life. So now I’m, just waiting for them to get home so I can have a turn! Woot!