When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

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Speeding fine.

So on our way back from Dullstroom on Monday, we are driving along chatting when a traffic cop flags us down. I asked Pete if he was speeding and said he didn’t think so. Anyway, the Officer comes to the driver’s door and says “You know you were speeding hey Sir?” Pete says he’s really very sorry about that. So the officer asks him how much he’s willing to pay? HUH? Really? Yes the Cop said, choose an amount. Pete looks at the book and said “Your paper says I should pay R500.00. So that’s what I will pay.

So the Cop says, “No man! It’s for the Government, I don’t care, how much do you wanna pay?” Pete and I look at each other and I think, “Oh shit, this oke wants a bribe!” And there is NO WAY in HELL we are bribing our way out of this! So Pete and the Cop exchange some words, Pete said, “Look, I was in the wrong and was speeding so write it up for R500.00, ok?” The Cop writes down all our details and says, “Ok, I give you a 50% discount, so R250.00 and then again a 50% discount, so you go pay R125.00 ok!”

WOW! No bribe, true story!He must have been in a good mood to give us such a huge discount on a fine! So we drive away feeling quite chuffed with the outcome of a speeding fine! But will in future rather check the speedometer to make sure we adhere to the speeding limits!

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.  ~Author Unknown