When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

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Raising aliens,I mean boys!

My boys are both in their loving, obedient,playful, sweet, endearing and enthusiastic teenage years. Pete and I are loving it! We really thought the teenage years would be difficult. But we just LOVE it! I’m really not sure what everyone is going on about concerning teenagers, my boys are so easy as teenagers. We really don’t have to ask twice or nag like some of those other poor saps out there. Our boys are just so easy!


OH.MY.WORD!!!!!!! Are we having trouble some days! Ok, some days are better than others, I must concede, but bloody hell they can make life tough for us. Like asking them to do stuff. Some days I find myself saying “I didn’t ask you to donate a pint of blood. I asked you to UNPACK the dishwasher!” They can carry on ┬álike that’s going to cause the ebola virus to explode in our midst and cause worldwide death! It’s just a dishwasher dude, calm down, it doesn’t bite.

Or, my absolute favourite. When my eldest is gaming online with his Battlefiel.d 3 buddies and I need to interrupt him to ask him some things. That face. OMG. One day I want to re-arrange it for him. Just sayin’. Or god forbid my Sister comes on a Thursday and says “Hello” to him. All I can say is. It pisses me off. No more. So he’s been banned from his games so many times because of bad attitude. He off course thinks we are being far to unreasonable, but trust me, we are reigning ourselves in big time!

My youngest’s new favourite line is “Geesh Mom! Why are you freaking out?????????” This my boy, is not freaking out. I will let you know when I freak out. Trust me on this. I am still calm. But push me any further and you will see freak out dude, stick around!

So some days, we stay well out of each other’s paths. But I must say, they do try. When Pete and I have a good ol’ fashioned heart to heart with them, they get it. They behave and try really hard to answer us with a smile on their faces, albeit forced. So they are not total neanderthalls.

Shopping. Don’t know if i’m the only Mom with teenage boys who hate shopping with their boys, but lemme tell you. It’s HARD! They are sooooooo fussy! Drives me bats! I thought girls were full of nonsense with shopping. HAH! try my two on for size. My eldest thinks ther’s a shoe conspiracy against him. All because of Porche design shoes. My youngest found 2 pairs so far, and every time the eldest wants a pair, they are out or don’t have it in his size. The other shoes are the same brand, but it’s not THAT design. *sighs really hard at this point* Never mind actual clothes. I really struggle to get my youngest to actually take the clothes or get him to try them on. He’s just flat not interested. He doesn’t like this about it, or that’s too this or too that. Oi.

And we are soooooooo lame. I was told last week that the Twiligh.t movies are for girls between the ages of like 10-13 and, wait for it………………………….MOMS! So I’m LAME for watching those movies! But I’m like a MOM Dude! Right? RIGHT! Ja, I get told, but THAT is what makes it LAME! HUH??? Like seriously Dude, I’m a hip and happening Mom! My yougnest would just feint if he ever heard me say stuff like that! Because I’m a lame Mom. Who likes Twiligh.t movies. And listen to lame music. And have lame sayings.

But Pete and I get them pretty good. We always say, if they can survive this house they will survive anything. Some days, Pete pulls his pants over his butt, puts his cap on scew and starts to rap and beatbox. I join in and do the whole rapper stance with a few “Yo yo’s” thrown in and walk wit’ my swag ya’ll!!

Needless to say, it doesn’t go down well. Makes us more lame apparantly. We like lame. S’all I can say on the subject. But we are so lame, we are actually cool! Hahahahahahaha! I can just see them rolling their eyes at a comment like that!

Well, I can say one thing. If we survive the teenage years, we will survive anything.

And through all of this, we still have to teach them about life. How to treat others. How to treat girls. They are very goodlooking, and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased. Girls really like them, and I can see it will be easy for them to date plenty of girls. So we have to also teach them about dating girls. What is acceptable and what is not. And manners, they seem to have forgotten most of their manners. They do still stand and let me through a door first or other gils and adult women in their lives. I find the media can really screw up children’s self worth. what’s fat and what’s not. Even my boys are very body concious. It really makes me angry that the media puts so much emphasis on the body beautiful. What ever happened to just accepting how you look? I have a running battle with that. And it doesn’t help that so many of their friends are obsessed with their weight.

Parenting is very difficult, we strive to do the right thing and try keep the mistakes to a minimum, we fail, we succeed. But above all, we love our boys, difficult as this time is, we still have some really fun times with them, they can be such funny creatures with a great sense of humour. They are loving and caring and kind and generous. It just takes a bit of effort to get it out of them sometimes.

James Thurber
Boys are beyond the range of anybody’s sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years.