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A big thank you to my Brother-in-law!

I have the best brother-in-law. He always helps me with anything IT related. Heck he just always helps. Whatever we need whenever we need it. He’s the most patient (he’s REALLY very patient) kindest, sweetest guy.  I changed my blog theme, I’ve had the same theme for years, and being very fussy I never really liked the themes WordPress came up with, until I found the one I’m currently using. But being the techno turd I am I had no idea how to size photographs. So I asked him for help. And he didn’t hesitate to jump on his PC and do what I wanted. He sized the 3 photos at the top of my blog header to fit. I’m so impressed with him. He did it so fast and so well. Now I love my blog header. He’s just the coolest guy. My boys adore their Uncle.

So here’s a big thank you Stian. You are a dedicated guy. We love you so much!

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you. Desmond Tutu.