When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



It’s been quite a week! Or has it been 2 or 3 weeks? Anyway, Cassey is doing  better, I won’t say well yet coz she still has a way to go for a full recovery. Her stitches are coming out tomorrow, and the little (not so little in my opinion) hole where one of the drainage tubes were, looks like it might be closing. But, and here’s where the dreaded but comes in, the liquid is now pooling in her abdomen.  So she’s kinda puffy and watery, if that makes any sense at all. Still, I remind myself daily that she is alive, she could have just as easily not survived. I still can’t believe this happened. My poor little kitty.

It’s been very hectic, because she is NOT allowed to jump. Yeah right, a cat that wants to jump WILL jump, lemme just tell you that!  So it’s been fun around here, between looking after the cat, kids and house, and garden, I feel completely drained. And then my boys got me onto Face.book’s Farm.ville and Cafe.world. As if I’m not busy enough! So yesterday was spend running between all of the above and my crops and cooking dishes! But I must admit, I love it!! Totally hookable games those! The boys help out alot though, they’re always on FB so they harvest and plant at will. It has been very good to get my mind off all that’s going on, so I won’t be quitting just yet.

My Dad is still in end stage renal failure, his kidneys have calcified so the Dr.s have no hope for him. But he’s motoring on and taking his supplements and staying off salt etc. My Mom’s arm is still in a sling, so she’s having a fun time (not) at the moment.  Christmas is nearing and I have not yet sorted out the menu, which, as you know is like weird for me, coz I usually have Christmas all sorted in July already, but I’ll let myself off the hook just this once, coz you know the crappy year and all.

Anywhoo, we have started buying Christmas goodies, I love silver sparkley thingies! But Woolies just doesn’t have that lekka pezzaz they used to have in years gone by, or is it just me? Maybe it’s just me, we’ll see closer to Christmas. Hopefully by Christmas,  my kitty is all better, my Dad is still alive and my Mom’s arm is not in the sling anymore.



Never a dull moment!

On Thursday my sister and I went on our regular shopping excursions, but we had the boys with this time. Makes for exciting shopping with the boys! We got everything done quite early, and it was SO hot (my kinda weather babe!!) that we decided to come to our house with some Hunters Dry and enjoy the great weather. We chatted up a storm about all the goings on in our respective lives and time flew by fast. I wanted to show E how naughty my kitty had become since she found the joys of “Sheba” prawn and fish cat food, but she was a bit miz, very quiet and withdrawn. I thought the girl was just hot, she is after all a pitch black kitty.

So eventually I say goodbye to E and she goes home, about 5 mins later I pick Cassey up to see why she’s looking at me in such a strange way, and then I saw the biggest wound I’ve seen in my life!! I (obviously) panic and phone Elize to just come back please! So she rushes back here to find me in a flat panic (who would have thought I’m THIS bad in an emergency, I’m usually calm and collected and I think rationally, but not last Thursday!) Anyway, we rush her to the Vet and he said it loks like razor wire or palisade fencing. She cut herself open right across her abdomen, from one side to the other, her scar is longer that my Nephrectomy scar!! We went to look if she cut herself on our palisade fence, we have 50 meters of it at the back, and sure as nuts there it was, my poor little kitty impaled herself on our fence! The Vet said she’s the luckiest cat he’s ever seen. She didn’t puncture any organs and her muscle is in tact, the wound is just enormous!!

She’s home now, with drainage pipes, a bit yukky, but the pain is not as bad today as it has been when she came home. She could hardly walk, I felt so sorry for.Tomorrow the drainage pipes come out, then she will feel much better. We will have to have a look at how we can make our back fence much safer for her. Pete’s already come up with some ideas which he’ll implement next week.

Other than that we had a fantastic day with my sister yesterday, she came over for a braai coz my BIL is in Durban on a systems upgrade. We had such a fantastic time with her again! Today is one of those balmy summer days, it’s just gorgeous, the boys had a swim yesterday and will definitely swim again today. I love summer!!

“Here lives a very special cat indeed.”