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Some more meds.

I have had to get more medication for my exit site infection. I have to take oral anti-biotics and injectables. Such a pain really. I’ve had this exit site infection for months now, and nothing seems to work. The PD department is running around freaking out because they are terrified I get peritonitis. Which can be fatal. Now I’m really not worried, as a matter of fact, I haven’t even started my meds yet. I’ve had them for more than a week. I just don’t feel like taking them. So I’m gonna give myself another week and see. Then maybe I will take the damn medication. My Nephrologist has also motivated the Medical aid to pay for some new phosphate binder for me, it doesn’t contain any calcium, because my calcium levels are too high at the moment. It will cost the med aid R2000.00 a month. And they sent me an e-mail last week to say they have approved this new medication. So I shall start with that soon.

I hope it doesn’t have any horrible side effects, because if I use medication with horrible side effects I usually stop taking them! The anti biotics that my Dr prescribed for this stupid site infection cost R900.00. Just for bloody anti biotics. Geesh. Anyway, it’s sitting on the kitchen counter winking at me. I’m just ignoring it until I decide to use them. I’m actually really hoping this infection goes away by itself. Head in the sand scenario, yip, I get it.

So I will just wait a lil bit and see how far I get, hopefully far enough to not take the anti biotics, but we will just have to see.

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