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Heamo vs peritoneal dialysis.

Someone asked me the other day why I preferred peritoneal dialysis to heamo dialysis. It’s simple really. First of all I really don’t have to worry about fluid overload. I drink how ever much I want and I don’t over load. I don’t even measure what I drink at all, it’s so easy. I drink when I want to, how much I want to. And in summer, it’s needed let me tell you. Gone are the days where I can only drink a small amount of fluid at a time because I would overload and then when I get attached to the heamo dialysis machine 3 litres of fluid needed to get drained out of me. I used to measure every drop I drank, because it had a huge impact on my fluid overload. My blood pressure doesn’t dip as radically as it used to on heamo. I don’t feel like like crap anymore. I used to come home and feel so tired and ill. Now I don’t.  I don’t have a permcath in my chest anymore. I am home. That’s the biggest thing for me. I don’t have to go anywhere and have irratable staff faff over me when they clearly have somewhere else to be. I sleep through most of my dialysis because I dialyse at night. And if I go out and come home late I skip a session. I can do that because I dialyse every night.

Peritoneal dialysis isn’t as hard on my body as heamo was. That was tough. I’m actually having a much easier time of it now that I’m doing PD at home.  It’s a better therapy. My diet isn;t as restrictive as it was on heamo. So it’s an all round better and easier therapy. I wouldn’t go back to heamo even you paid me.

The biggest issue for me was that fistula. I never used mine. In the 8 months I did heamo I used my permcath. When I saw how a fistula deforms a patient’s arm I refused to use mine. It’s not vanity. As renal patients our bodies go through hell. I have a scar where my kidney was removed. I gained weight on peritoneal dialysis. Because it’s a glucose solution it’s like drinking 10 litres of sugary drinks a day. So I have to live with that. I was not going to have my arm deformed also. I want to have my fistula blocked or fixed or whatever the Drs do to make it go away. So I will be looking into that in the new year.

So that’s why I prefer PD to heamo. It’s simple really.

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