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Running, will the right shoes get me there?

So I started running this past week. Now those of you who know me IRL know that I HATE running. But I must say, it ain’t that bad, the act of running that is, I can’t say the same for myself. I now walk more than run. I ran once around the Oval, now when I say “run” I mean walk/run. I felt like a baby rhino with too short legs barreling through mud. It wasn’t pretty. I think I embarrassed my eldest. He off course looked like he’s been running since birth! He’s been letting me know, very gentl,y that running is just not my thing. I have to agree.  I have never been more uncomfortable in my own skin than when I ran. It. Was. A. Sight! I cringe just thinking about it.

So now we walk. The boys can be seen in public with me now, because that’s one thing I can do. Walk. I did power walking in my healthier days. I really loved it.

I got some cute running shoes last week. It even has the reflector bit on it. For those evenings when I’m just so amped about walking I need to get out there and not get run over in my walking enthusiasm. *snort chortle!*

I also got a cute Adidas walking top!  I know gear aren’t designed to do the job better, but you FEEL like a real walker when you look the part. Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  Actually, that’s what I told Pete and now I have the right gear. I don’t want to go pull a muscle walking you know, and the right shoes help.

I do like the gear you get for sports, shopping is half the fun. Or in my case, shopping is all the fun, the excersise, well, that’s work. I am what you call, an excerside neanderthal. Just not my thing. I do know I will be paying for that later in life, so I will bite the bullet and get on with it.

My Nike running shoes and Adidas running top.

I’m really hoping to get fit with the walking. I have no muscle tone because my body was consuming muscle tissue when I was so sick. So now I’ve upped my protein intake so that I can build muscle again. And hopefully tone a bit. But I must say,  I am very lazy when it comes to excersise! My Sister is amazing, she does a boatload of excersise and she’s so fit, I’m jealous. I hope I have the courage to go on and not decide it’s all to much and hang up my new running shoes. And relegate my running top to “around the house” wear.  I shall persevere! I hope.

Aerobics:  a series of strenuous exercises which help convert fats, sugars, and starches into aches, pains, and cramps.  ~Author Unknown