When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."


Boys=Grey hair!

Boys can be pretty fearless when it comes to blowing things up and making stuff burn. They used up all our deodorant a while ago, they’d spray it on the wall and light it. “Spectacular” I was told. Mmmm, not so “spectacular” when you need to spritz on some nice smellies before rushing out the door and it’s dissapeared! My olive oil went for a ball one evening. Pete had a client come over for a braai, he’s from France and wanted South African food. Pete had to entertain him the week he was here. The boys then said they’ll do the fire, because they can, Pete taught them to light a fire and keep it going, a proud moment for us both. Pete uses oil instead of fire lighters, it’s better he says, burns nicer. Cool! Pete and the french guy are on their way home and the boys start the fire, I’m in the kitchen making salads and stuff, you know, South African fare. When I start hearing laughing and shouting coming from outside. Upon inspection, I find the WHOLE bottle of olive oil upturned in the flames, oil pouring out of the braai and onto the paving bricks near the pool. It was a royal mess! To say that I was seething is an understatement, the place looked horrendous, and boy did those two scrub! They scrubbed until all the oil was clean, it took days!

I had an entry on my old blog about the boys making gunpowder in the house, (some of you will remember that little gem!) Pete discovered the two of them, with  one of their friends, in our garage making patterns on wood with none other than Jet fuel (baby B engine fuel, also known as beetle juice)!!! He almost slapped the three of them into another dimension!! They all thought he overreacted big time because they did have safety precautions in place……. they stand far back. (yeah, very safe!)

When my youngest came in all mopey and angry because dad has gone and “ruined our fun for nothing!!” I just looked at him in amazement. Huh? Seeing what pretty patterns  fuel can make? “Not pretty patterns mom” it’s SO COOL!!! If you come and see then you’ll get it!” I DO get it, it’s great fun, but bloody dangerous all at the same time!! Now they’re using citronella oil to burn, not exactly safer in my opinion, but it smells better. Pete put a stop to that yesterday too!

What’s with boys and distruction? Pete was telling me about chlorine bombs him and his friends used to make, and chucking a metal stake onto electric wires  and seeing the stake dissapear. Among other things. It blows my mind. They love buying these black widow cracker things and setting them off, it’s flipping loud, but they love it!! I’m just wondering what they’ll think of next! Because as they get older, they also get bolder! It does stop at some point hey?

“Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.” Eleanor Rooseveldt.