When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



Rolling eyes. Sighs. Mumbling. Grumbling. Taking one self very seriously. Shoes everywhere. Crumbs everywhere. General grumpiness. That’s my life at the moment with 2 teenage boys in the house. Why is it that as soon boys become teenagers they become so serious about life? Where did the fun little boys go? We used to have so much fun with them. Now they don’t really want to go anywhere with us. They will only come with if there is something in it for them.

Shopping. That’s a whole other ball game right there. Our shopping trips almost always end in someone arguing with someone. Especially when we go clothes shopping. I need copious amounts of Xanor and alcohol after a shopping excursion. I am hoping it gets better. But you must know, shopping is serious business with boys. I always thought girls took clothes shopping seriously. Boys do too! It has to be a specific brand, nothing else will do, the shoes has to be just so. They must also go with any given outfit. And under wear is also very specific. Who knew?

We are going shopping for clothes again next week. The one thing about boys, is growth. They grow incredibly fast. We just cant keep up. My eldest’s feet are massive! Way bigger than mine. You never really think it will get there when they are tiny babies. But boy does the time go fast! Pete says it’s also because they eat so much. They will eat normal meals with a boatload of snacking in between, and yet they still remain so skinny! (wish I was a boy)

I do have to say though, when they are not all grumpy and mumbly they can be very funny. Most of their jokes are directed at their parents, and apparantly we do some very funny things. Last night Pete cooked supper, soup actually, and it was very tomatoey. And our youngest was teasing his Dad no end, with peels of laughter eminating from the little mister. It was very funny. Pete and I always say the boys are going to be very surprised at how much we will learn in the next 7 years!

A few years ago a lady told me that when boys become teenagers they leave the planet and only return when they turn 20 or 21. My boys were little and very very sweet, and I actually thought to myself ever so smarmy “Not MY boys! They will always be these 2 sweet kids.” *cough* Yeah, no.  So now I look at Mommies with boys and I know, she is in for a surprise, just like I was, but I dont say anything to boy Mommy’s because we actually don’t want to hear these things. Each parent wants to find out on their own time anyway.

But the very good thing about boys, they love their Mommies. I mean Moms! That never changes, they just do it a bit less openly than they used to. But I’m sure as soon as they become men in their own right they will become sweet and loving again.

“I didn’t answer, but, please—nothing is obvious with boys. For such simple creatures, they are quite baffling.”