When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."


Boyhood daze.

The boys have a friend, she’s a girl, but no-one’s girlfriend. I’ve noticed some patterns with this friendship. When they want to see one another it’s all on her terms. They’ll sms and ask if she can come out to meet them on the oval, and she’ll say “Nah, not nw, am bizzy” (sms language) Then an hour or two will go by and she’ll sms and say “Ok, can com nw, meet me outside” then the boys leave WHATEVER they’re doing and dash out the door! I spoke to my sister about this and my BIL asked if I’m just figuring this out now. Figure what out? “That women hold all the power.” He told me that guys do whatever women want them to do! Ha! Was my first reaction, that’s SO not true! Then Pete put me in the picture, and I had to concede he was right. Doesn’t happen very often this being right thing!

My poor boys! I’m feeling a bit protective of them now that the female of the species yield so much power over them. I like being the female of the species, I really do, it’s so much fun. But I don’t like my boys being on the receiving end. Not so nice then. We had a good chuckle at my new found epiphany. The only thing is, how do I teach the boys to retain some power? They get all gaga over girls, and although I know it’s the natural order of things, it’s hard being the Mom who has to stand on the sidelines and watch this whole thing unfold before my very eyes. I think they need some tactics in dealing with this. I know I definitely do!!

” A beautiful mind is one that can see the extraordinary in the everyday and the magnificent in the mundane.”