When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."


And then there was Lenny.

On Sunday night the boys were watching TV when this black kitty came through the door, Tim hardly looked because Cassey is a pitch black cat. But Phil noticed that he cat walked differently, and saw this stranger in our lounge. The cat ran out and Phil and Tim went after him. I said to the boys that we can’t keep him however cute he is, (and he is ADORABLE!) so we played with him a bit and they just wanted to feed him. So after my monologue about Cassey being our cat and she’s the princess here and how unfair it all would be to keep him, we closed the door.

But mister had other plans and decided to yell for us to open the door, so Phil took him and put him over the wall, he needs to go home. So peace reigned again. Until last night, the boys were in the bath and I heard that familiar miaauw, I open the door and there he is. He’s come back. Sigh. Now the boys are adamant that he does in fact not have a home. “Lets just feed him something mom he looks hungry!” “Please mom, please can we keep him?” Now, I know exactly what happens when you feed a stray cat, he’s yours for life. So I look at Pete, the voice of reason who will most DEFINITELY say “NO way are we keeping him, chase him away. But Pete said, “Oh why not, he did come back and he’s hungry!” (?????) I was stumped.

So last night we decided to give him a name too, we came up with all sorts of ideas, I even asked my sister and BIL to help, fat lot of good that did, Stian wanted to call him Dumb Dumb!!! LOL! Anyway, this morning we decided that “Enzo” just didn’t suit him, and since Pete is a Lenny Kravitz fan, we named him Lenny.

This morning Pete went out to buy Lenny all the kitty paraphanalia including a scratching post, which Madame Cassey has appropriated for herself and won’t let Lenny come near it, so now we have to go and get another scratching post for mister.

We introduced the 2 and much hissing and growling ensued all coming from my dainty girl, not the intruder, he’s absolutely terrified of Cassey!!  I think it went rather well, she still views him with suspicion, but I think she’ll come around, he has such a sweet personality, he’s very playful and dare I say naughty! I’m not used to a boy kitty, and he still has his knackers, so that we’ll have to lop off very soon. I told Pete last night the sooner the better. And Pete said that the poor cat will have hardly settled in then we take his manhood away, “Run kitty run for your life!!” Roll eyes here.

So here we are, another kitty in our home, a kitty called Lenny.