When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."


From darkness to light.

Yip, stole this heading DIRECTLY from my sister’s blog. Why? Because there is no other way to describe this transformation. When I think about last year on this date or that date, I have a certain memory or feeling, and then I come back to the present and that particular feeling is gone, the memory remains, but without the feeling. I spoke to a very sweet friend of mine this morning, and I told her if I knew last year what I know now, I would have healed sooner, I would have understood that God does indeed have us in the palm of His hand, and that only He knows how someone’s story will end. My life had gone from totally spiraling out of control, to a place where I trust, and I know. That’s all.

This year has been fantastic, I’ve loved EVERY minute of it, not just because we became totally allergic to anything remotely related to church and all the crap that goes with it, (total freedom and liberty came when we realised the “business” of it all) but I have watched my sister blossom into this amazing person, I won’t get all gushy about it, but her transformation¬†was truly astounding. And in turn, so was mine, I am a completely different person to who I was last year, and I love it! Pete has also changed and grown, we have a wonderful life here.

My parents-in-law had a few health scares, but that’s all sorted out now, and we all have a new appreciation for each other. We find we are very very busy, but somehow we have alot more time to spend with family and friends than we did in previous years. We are reconnecting with people and I just love that. Our boys are just the most amazing children (I know I ALWAYS say that, but it’s true) every day they do something that just makes me so proud, I am so blessed to be their mom.

Our Thursdays (with my sister) are still going strong, we go shopping and have lunch, which reminds me, we totally forgot to have our Cosmopolitans last week! If the boys survive Elize and my antics on Thursdays, then they will certainly have it easy in life!

Pete and I still have our plans, we are just waiting for the right time, there is still so much we need to do before we can execute our plans, but God is in control of our lives, so we bide our time.


That’s just the little tip for now, when I have flashes of blogging energy I shall blog more, but overall I am pretty lazy with the whole bloggy thang!!

“If you want to understand politics, you have to read between the LIES.”


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A new day.

I was in a bit of a slump last week. Not hecticly so, but it was there. Today feels so different, not sure why. I’m feeling excited. I planned a big day for Saturday, and the whole day I just stared at the lawn, it was such a beautiful day, and I was so sad that the event I had planned wasn’t happening . But for some reason, I know it will happen. There’s just a quiet knowing in me. As Pete and I spoke about our lives and how it all turned out, I realised that everything happens for a reason. (major cliche here I know) but it’s true. We were talking about our church and the people in that church, why things happened the way it did. And we realised that it had to happen that way, it was meant to be.

I’m not going to ask why tragedy struck when it did, it would be pointless, but I do know this, we will get to the other side whole. We will. Even though it seems we won’t, we will. I will have my planned Saturday, and it will be one the best days of our lives. As we move through the weeks and running out of Mondays at a rapid speed, I know it will all change, soon. It comes back to that quiet knowing, everything will change, and it will be awesome.

“Dare to be: to be different, to be loving, to be successful, to be true to yourself.” Wayne Visser.