When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



I haven’t been blogging a lot, I have lacked inspiration these last few weeks. Hopefully things change in the near future!

As I look back on this past year, I realise that I  have been reflecting all year long already. I’m not the type of person who reflects on each anniversary every year. I do a year maybe 2. There will always be more anniversaries in the making. But this year has been one, long anniversary. As I think back I see how far I’ve come in2012.

January 15th: My 39th birthday. The last of my 30’s. And I am sad to see the end of my 30’s. I know there are better things waiting for me in my 40’s, nonetheless, I really enjoyed my 30’s.

February 21: It’s been a year since my diagnosis with renal failure. I remember thinking”Wow! It’s been a year already!” I was full of hope for a transplant, little did I know how badly wrong it will all go. As it turns out, it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

March: March wasn’t a good month at all. I was very low, and all sorts of things went wrong. But again, turned out to be a good thing in my life.

May 2nd: My eldest tuns 15! In 5 years he will be 20! Almost unbelievable! But there you go,Pete and I didn’t do an altogether bad job of raising our boys. He’s an intelligent, charming, well mannered, helpfull, kind, generous and very supportive person. I couldn’t be more proud if I tried.

My Eldest, Timothy.

My Eldest, Timothy.

August: The boys started a new journey. More on that next year.

October 20: My youngest tuns 14. My baby is all grown up! I look at him and can’t believe he’s so big. But again, not a bad job on our part. He’s an intelligent, sensitive, sweet, charming, well mannered, kind, generous and supportive person. Again, I couldn’t be more proud. We also went on our first holiday with my dialysis machine. Quite a landmark in my journey. And a new one begins.

My youngest Phillip.

My youngest Phillip.

December 10th: We put up our Christmas tree.  I stood doing the very same thing a year ago, reflecting on how I  felt the previous year this time. And how I felt last year this time. 2 distinctly different people stood there decorating the tree. And this year, I feel so well.  So different to 2 years ago, so different to a year ago. I’m so much better.

December 21st: Ok, so the world was supposed to end today, but didn’t. Big surprise! The world did not end, but I broke my left wrist and got myself booked into trauma ICU. Pete and I were running late, I had my 3 monthly renal blood tests to do, Christmas shopping to finish and I had a nail appointment with Valentine. So we were rushing, I got out of the bath, walked too fast into our bedroom, slipped on the wooden floors and broke my wrist.  Pete rushed me to hospital, the Dr gave my wrist one look and said “Admit her.”

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!! It’s Christmas on TEUSDAY! So into high care I go. A few blood test later and I get sent to trauma ICU. The Drs don’t like to operate when renal patient’s chemical levels aren’t perfect. So for the first time in my life I use my fistula. Not a happy moment for me. The Drs operated on me on Sunday. Apparantly my wrist was in a mess. Broken in 5 places. Took the Drs 2 hours to fix.  Anyway, long story short,  I got myself out of hospital in time for Christmas, against both my Drs. advice. but they don’t know me yet! Everyone thought I was going to spend Christmas in hospital. Wasn’t gonna happen! I moved heaven and earth and I got what I wanted!

December 25th: Christmas! I’m home! We had my parents in law and my Sister and BIL, over, they had a last minute change of plans and we included them on Christmas. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without them anyway! We had a really fun time! My Sister had a blast trying to make animal balloons! it was pretty funny watching her, deep in concentration trying to get the balloon to comply!

My table was different this year. i usually have a colour scheme, but this year I wanted something colourful, all different colours.

A table setting. I believe in lots of crackers!

A table setting. I believe in lots of crackers!

A completed table seting.

A completed table setting.

The whole table.

The whole table.

No party is complete without balloons! I LOVE balloons!

No party is complete without balloons! I LOVE balloons!

Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And I  truly hope that 2013 is the best year ever, for all of us! We need to show those Myans how to live!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and a fantastic 2013!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and a fantastic 2013!

Norman Vincent Peale
One of the greatest moments in anybody’s developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.


3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I couldn’t believe my ears when called and said your wirst was crushed! I so wish it could all end and you could have an incident free life. Wishing you an awsome 2013 with lots of happiness and good fortune both financialy and health wise but most of all health wise. Glad we got to spend Christmas with your family in the end ;-). It was a lot of fun!

  2. Well written my darling, All the very best for 2013 and beyond – I am still looking forwards to celebrating your Birthday with you in Cape Town. All my love Pete

  3. So happy that 2012 is done and we get a second chance at an amazing year.we all grew so much this year.very proud.love u guys!!!

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