When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."


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Our newest member Maddox was neutered last Friday, he bounced back very quickly! He was a sleepy boy on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday he was jumping off the walls! Cassey, my ice princess, decided last night that she might afterall maybe at a push play with the boy, so the two of them ran around like mad here. But she gets tired of him quickly, and being a boy he gets right in her face and then she hisses and growls. But it does look like the two of them will become great friends soon.

Maddox is such an awsome cat, he has a wonderful personality and has Pete wrapped around his little finger. He doesn’t allow Cassey in his cupboard, but he allowed Maddox there this morning. Allowing him to explore at will and for as long as he wanted to! Go figure! He has turned this house upside down, not because he’a a handful, but because he is loved so much. We give Cassey more love and attention, because she seems a bit jealous, so she gets carried around and kissed and fussed over, but so does Maddox, so it makes for interesting life at the moment!


One thought on “Update.

  1. YAY x2….like i said before…YAY that ur dad is better..lots better! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!…xx

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