When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

Home alone!

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This is my holiday after the holiday. Pete’s back at work and boys have been at Amy’s house since 9 this morning. I am having a blast! It’s so quiet here, the tv is off, no i.pods are blaring, no arguments about who has control of the remote, no demands just silence, it’s bliss. As much as I adore my boys and husband, I also need some peace and quiet. It doesn’t happen often in my house that I am all alone, so when this does happen, I love it.

I can plan all sorts of things, like my finishing off my garden, deciding on a final design for my herb garden, figuring out how I’ll do the new pathway etc. Reading a magazine, and just generally being here by myself.

The end of the school holidays are upon us, and I’m looking forward to school again! (not that I would EVER go back to school or would want to, but I love teaching the boys, so it’s different and doesn’t count!) I like being where I am, it’s cool! And apparantly I’m a COOL mom! According the boys’ friends, so there you have it! Not as lame as I thought I was!


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