When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

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Do you remember when…….

We could do this…..?  Way back when the sun was actually shining?? And it was hot! It’s almost autumn and we’ve hardly had a summer! What gives? Every Thursday Elize tells me we need to swim before summer ends, but every week it’s been rainy and a bit chilly, so no go there I’m afraid. We’ve really missed swimming this year, the few times we could swim it was awesome! Drinks and snacks by the pool is just my favorite way to relax and enjoy summer.

So now we wait and see if summer ever decides to come back before it’s gone for another crappy winter, so we’ll see. Maybe.

The Goofy look is an optional extra!!


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Our newest member Maddox was neutered last Friday, he bounced back very quickly! He was a sleepy boy on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday he was jumping off the walls! Cassey, my ice princess, decided last night that she might afterall maybe at a push play with the boy, so the two of them ran around like mad here. But she gets tired of him quickly, and being a boy he gets right in her face and then she hisses and growls. But it does look like the two of them will become great friends soon.

Maddox is such an awsome cat, he has a wonderful personality and has Pete wrapped around his little finger. He doesn’t allow Cassey in his cupboard, but he allowed Maddox there this morning. Allowing him to explore at will and for as long as he wanted to! Go figure! He has turned this house upside down, not because he’a a handful, but because he is loved so much. We give Cassey more love and attention, because she seems a bit jealous, so she gets carried around and kissed and fussed over, but so does Maddox, so it makes for interesting life at the moment!


No more Lenny.

Not in the sense that he’s not here anymore, just his name. We really struggled to get used to his name, I know it’s still early days, but a name has to suit an animal, and everytime I called him I thought of Lenny’s song “American woman”, now let me just say, that our new addition is by no means suave, cool or hot, he’s a bit of a clutz and slightly dof. So we decided to call him Maddox instead, it suits him better and we are happier with his name. This morning when I spoke to the Vet’s assistant, she asked me what his name was, and I sheepishly admitted that we haven’t settled on a name yet. *blush* so she said they’d call him “Cat” for now.

On Friday he will go and be neutered, shame poor lil guy, he’s in for a bit of a shock. Cassey on the other hand has not let up yet, she still growls and spits at the intruder, but she at least tolerates him in her presence, so it’s a start. And all he wants to do is play.

She looks very unimpressed Cassey decided that the scratching block was hers now!

Our boy Maddox!

H knocked off one of the tree decorations!

Supposed to read “He”

He's always playing!


And then there was Lenny.

On Sunday night the boys were watching TV when this black kitty came through the door, Tim hardly looked because Cassey is a pitch black cat. But Phil noticed that he cat walked differently, and saw this stranger in our lounge. The cat ran out and Phil and Tim went after him. I said to the boys that we can’t keep him however cute he is, (and he is ADORABLE!) so we played with him a bit and they just wanted to feed him. So after my monologue about Cassey being our cat and she’s the princess here and how unfair it all would be to keep him, we closed the door.

But mister had other plans and decided to yell for us to open the door, so Phil took him and put him over the wall, he needs to go home. So peace reigned again. Until last night, the boys were in the bath and I heard that familiar miaauw, I open the door and there he is. He’s come back. Sigh. Now the boys are adamant that he does in fact not have a home. “Lets just feed him something mom he looks hungry!” “Please mom, please can we keep him?” Now, I know exactly what happens when you feed a stray cat, he’s yours for life. So I look at Pete, the voice of reason who will most DEFINITELY say “NO way are we keeping him, chase him away. But Pete said, “Oh why not, he did come back and he’s hungry!” (?????) I was stumped.

So last night we decided to give him a name too, we came up with all sorts of ideas, I even asked my sister and BIL to help, fat lot of good that did, Stian wanted to call him Dumb Dumb!!! LOL! Anyway, this morning we decided that “Enzo” just didn’t suit him, and since Pete is a Lenny Kravitz fan, we named him Lenny.

This morning Pete went out to buy Lenny all the kitty paraphanalia including a scratching post, which Madame Cassey has appropriated for herself and won’t let Lenny come near it, so now we have to go and get another scratching post for mister.

We introduced the 2 and much hissing and growling ensued all coming from my dainty girl, not the intruder, he’s absolutely terrified of Cassey!!  I think it went rather well, she still views him with suspicion, but I think she’ll come around, he has such a sweet personality, he’s very playful and dare I say naughty! I’m not used to a boy kitty, and he still has his knackers, so that we’ll have to lop off very soon. I told Pete last night the sooner the better. And Pete said that the poor cat will have hardly settled in then we take his manhood away, “Run kitty run for your life!!” Roll eyes here.

So here we are, another kitty in our home, a kitty called Lenny.

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Home alone!

This is my holiday after the holiday. Pete’s back at work and boys have been at Amy’s house since 9 this morning. I am having a blast! It’s so quiet here, the tv is off, no i.pods are blaring, no arguments about who has control of the remote, no demands just silence, it’s bliss. As much as I adore my boys and husband, I also need some peace and quiet. It doesn’t happen often in my house that I am all alone, so when this does happen, I love it.

I can plan all sorts of things, like my finishing off my garden, deciding on a final design for my herb garden, figuring out how I’ll do the new pathway etc. Reading a magazine, and just generally being here by myself.

The end of the school holidays are upon us, and I’m looking forward to school again! (not that I would EVER go back to school or would want to, but I love teaching the boys, so it’s different and doesn’t count!) I like being where I am, it’s cool! And apparantly I’m a COOL mom! According the boys’ friends, so there you have it! Not as lame as I thought I was!

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The age of technology.

Yesterday we took the boys to go and buy each of them the Sam.sung Cor.by. All their friends have one, so automatically they want the SAME phone! It’s a cute little phone, all touch screen (off course as nothing else will do) And as I stood there looking at the sales lady telling them about the phone and all it’s functions I thought about myself at 12 years of age, and realised how much the world had changed. The boys each got an i.pod na.no last month so they have their ear phones on alot, but because I’m a bit anal about ear health and such boring grown-up stuff I tell them 30 mins to an hour with the ear phones turned down low, and the rest of the time they must use the speakers. But when that happens they turn these things up quite loudly and then all we hear is the blaring speakers of the i.pod.

I don’t mind it so much, but those little devices can play the music quite loud albeit a bit tinny, coz you know, it doesn’t have much bass. Anyway, last night Pete and I discussed buying them each a stereo, just a little one with an i.pod base or whatever they call it now, so that the boys can listen to non tinny music. But he feels we should wait a few months so they can use their new devices for a while before adding to the technology which is fast overtaking their rooms.

We are also looking at play.station 3. There Pete and I are divided. I want them to have one and he’s not so sure. So we are still debating that. It just seems that there are so many things out there that kids want, and they themselves can’t make up their minds between x.box, W.II or play.station! I know we’ll make the right decision, but until then they have their new nifty phones to keep them busy. How simple life was when I was a youngster, boring, but simple.

At least now I can take their phones and play new games! Hee hee hee, payback! I pointed out yesterday that I very graciously let them use my phone whenever they wanted or needed to use it, so now I can do the same! They were not very happy with their mom, but hey, that’s life. So now I’m, just waiting for them to get home so I can have a turn! Woot!


2010 is here!

Today is the first day of 2010, and it’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it’s nice and hot here! I love weather like this, it’s my absolute FAVE!! Last night we listened to all the bangs as Gauteng erupted in a New Year’s frenzy, we are not allowed to have any loud crackers here in our suburb, so we could only have the showers of sparkles, but it was great fun anyway. I do feel for the freaked out animals, so I’m glad we didn’t break the rules last night, my cat seemed to handle very well, she’a a brave little thing!

Last night as we said goodbye to my sister and bil, we wished them a happy new year and though we have no expectations for this year we are feeling very excited, as I’ve said before. Alot of things will be different this year and that’s quite exciting!!

So here’s wishing everyone a a FABULOUS year!