When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

Busy week indeed.


The weekend was very busy as predicted, but not in a good way. On Friday afternoon my Dad’s Dr. phoned in a flat panic and booked my dad into hospital with end stage renal failure. WTF??? End stage?? They were all supposed to come over for a braai on Sunday because they are moving to Natal next month, but we went to visit him in hospital instead. He’s out now, his potassium levels had to come down and his BP had to drop. He went to see his Nephrologist yesterday but the dude had to attend to an emergency so my Dad can only see him on Thursday. So we’ll know more then, but he has to go for dialisys (spelling? bah!) He’s only 65, still so very young.

Saturday night was at least a bit of a distraction, my partner in crime helped with that! Thanks pic!! The boys were dressed as a hobo and a goth, will post pictures as soon as I can. We were the dollies, and looked scary doll!

So now we wait for news, my favourite past time. Waiting.

On better news, my sister has finally stopped working, again, and we’ll be going out on Thursday, yay! I can’t wait, it’s just going to feel normal again, and that can only be good. I think we’ll get into the swing of things easily, and I won’t nag anymore k? Coz APPARANTLY I’m a NAG!! Have you ever? What kind? He he he he, revenge is sweet my dear, and it’s a dish best served cold (insert evil laugh!!)

“Don’t wanna, don’t havta, aint’ gonna!” -Rocky.


3 thoughts on “Busy week indeed.

  1. LOL!!!!! At least you get me moving!

  2. PS. LOVE my kitty’s quote!!! You’ve summed him up to a T!

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