When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



What a week! We normally have a very peaceful suburb, we usually have our major criminal activity during the December holidays. Last year we has 6 incidents in the whole month. But since this blasted recession, we’ve had almost daily incidents here.  We get notified via sms about some incident, like last night, a few houses from us some burglar got shot at by a resident, pity he missed. A car was broken into, and a suspect was caught on a property at 03:00 in the morning.

I know we’re not unique, and so many suburbs are hard hit, but quite frankly, we live here, and we have enjoyed a virtually crime free life. We have a closed suburb with booms and guards in vehicles, on foot and on bicycles. We pay for our security and freedom, yet it’s not enough, it will never be enough. The way I feel, after the crappiest year of our lives, after our terrible loss and feelings of want, I would love to pack up and leave. I don’t even care where to, I just want to be gone. Away from here and all this crap.

A Facebook friend was in shock a week ago or 2 maybe, can’t remember, a friend of his got hijacked by some low form of life, and not only did they take her car, they proceeded to drive over her several times. Just for the hell of it.  Boy am I sick and tired of this place. I’m just so angry at all of this, it’s just not right!!

All my positive feelings has flown out the window since Monday, and I don’t think we will ever be ok ever again. How’s that for fatalistic huh? I don’t actually think I can really remember what positive really feels like. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was actually a happy person. Nice.

I wish Pete could get work in Europe now and not later like we’ve been planning. I know the time is not yet right for us to move, but I wish it was. I wish I could get on a plane and tell the pilot to surprise me with the destination, that would be nice. Then we would never ever ever have to deal with people who destroy lives on a daily basis ever again. A girl can dream. Unfortunately my dreams seem to turn into a pile of nothing. How exciting.

Hopefully I will feel better at some point in my life, but right now I just don’t.


4 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. i feel u friend!!!!…ME TO!!!!! i mean i was home when they tried breaking in!!!..i dont hear about peoples stories..i am one of the stories..but thank God im alright and the stoooooooopid poephol didnt try anything again!.If i could get on a plane a go anywhere id go to Italy..well actually Rome…hmmm maybe one day……….

  2. It’s almost the end. Lets just hope the pilot doesn’t surprise you by dropping you off in Iraq or Israel or Brazil. That would stink!

    Anyway, I hope you guys are safe.

    • No way! The pilot I’m gonna use will have a good sense of direction and he would see that I’d need to go somewhere where I can have rest for my soul! LOL, like THAT’S ever gonna happen!!

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