When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

Hey hey it’s Friday!!

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Yesterday I was a complete techno turd, again, instead of clicking the “save” button on my draft, I clicked the “publish” button, so I had to go private with this post yesterday coz it wasn’t Friday yet! Uhg! I can be SO dof sometimes, but so we learn hey!

 My youngest is our budding photographer, he took these gorgous pics of the Clivia flowers he picked and put in a vase for me. Aren’t they just beautiful? In spring my garden is just bursting with flowers, I have lots of purple in my garden, I just love purple flowers! I tend to create gardens with a colour theme, it’s a bit anal I know, but like I’ve said before “Normal I will never be!!”

Then below is my lesson in “How to make a flame thrower” it was quite an awesome fireball the boys created!! And boy was it hot! Even my sister had a go at making balls of fire! Pete only find out later about the boys latest invention when he went through the camera. (Because I left it on the kitchen table) Oopsie daisy!! Not that he minds, he does always stress though that they can only do this sort of thing under adult supervision. Anyone interested?

And later that week, some plastic container that used to, note the operative word, used to, have fuel in it,  went up in smoke too. They added some lamp oil, a wick and douced the whole thing and promised us an explosion. There was no explosion, but it was fun seeing how big the flame got! (and the panic in Dad’s eyes when he saw what they were busy with) he he he he, yes yes, I can be evil.



This is the flame thrower!
This is the flame thrower!


And for general interest, yes, the Mr. Muscle kitchen cleaner was NOT quite finished yet! But it had miraculously vanished into thin air prior to this little experiment. Say no more.

“Everyone is the age of their heart.”


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