When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."



It’s everywhere, lurking, waiting to pounce. It’s a threat to our society and our children. It’s on our doorsteps, wherever that doorstep may be. We heard that one of our guards got fired for selling drugs to the kids in our suburb. I was so disheartened to say the least. Our guards are trained to protect, not harm. My boys have been very friendly to some of the guards they meet. Somedays when I go out to top up the water in my bird baths, they’re chatting to one of the guards at the back fence. Now I just view them with suspicion, was it just the one? Do the other guards know of someone else selling drugs? Were they all in on it?

Drugs destroy lives, everytime and always, no exceptions. All Pete and I can do is teach the boys about the dangers of drugs. But is it enough? I look at our guards, we have so many. We have guards on foot patrol, on bicycles and we have 2 vehicles. Then we have the night time guards as well. We can never get to know all of them, some leave the company and new recruits start working here.

We know of a family who’se child got involved with drugs. They are forever changed. There is no way of  getting away from it, no way. It does make me scared. I’m not living in fear, because we talk to our boys all the time about this type of thing, but I’m still scared. Peer pressure is real, no child is immune to it. I wish it wasn’t so.

Our security company is checking out all the guards, I just hope it’s enough, and I hope they do so with regularity. I think of the guard that got fired, he now is without a job, so what will he resort to now for an income? That’s the scary part.

“Leadership is the ability to inspire individuals to act for the common good.”


4 thoughts on “Drugs.

  1. That is scary Manz, but you know what? I think you and Pete have taught your kids the best way you know how and that they will hold up just fine against the peer pressure of drugs!

    Chin up!


  2. you’ve tought the boys what you know…thats all you can do…I went to school with drug addicts,most of them being my friends and i survived.They knew where they stood with me and never ever tried getting me involved.I was there when one of them needed me,but they knew it was only because i didnt want to see them gettinng hurt,NOT because i approved of them using drugs… even one or two of my bf’s used drugs…i knew and still know who the drug dealers are that where in school with me.You are absolutly right..it is everywhere but i got through it (obviously with your help..hehehe)and so will the boys..they’re clever enough to know right from wrong…

  3. Geez that just terrible! I would be sooo pissed at those guards!!!!

    I think you’ve taught your boys really well, and all you can do is pray pray pray.

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