When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

Neighbours-gotta love ’em!


We have one of those weirdo nighbours, she’s in her 60’s and mad as a hatter. Her and I have had some serious screaming matches over the years. She absolutely hates, and I meant H.A.T.E.S my boys. She’s told them off countless times, because…….they CLIMB on the WALL!! Oh the shock, the horror! Two naughty boys on the WALL. Her favourite zap sign is the good ‘ol middle finger. So she’s forever displaying the business end of her middle finger. Which in turn evokes squeals of laughter from my kids. Major mocking then ensues. And so the battle continues.

One day T kicked his brother’s soccer ball over the wall. So Pete got onto the wall to look around and and get the ball back. The “whack job” as Pete fondly calls her, went completely dilly!! “Oh my god” she wailed, “don’t DO that, my friends and I thought you were a buglar!! Get of my F#$%ing wall!!”  AAh, you gotta love her! Pete just packed up laughing as it was clearly put on hysterics and melodrama for the visiting friends she had over.

Just as a side note, we paid for the wall, we didn’t ask her for a cent, it’s a beautiful stone wall, and it actually belongs to both neighbours, because it’s a boundary wall.

We’ve now realised that she’s throwing sticks and stuff over the wall onto our property. We just return the goods back to their rightful owner. Pete and the boys want to chuck a turd into her pool one day. I think that might be going too far, but the boys are all for it!!

It makes for very interesting living, if we didn’t have her living next to us life would be pretty boring on the neighbour front! I wonder what exciting moments are in store for us as the festive season gets closer. One can but wonder!

“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.” Irish blessing.


6 thoughts on “Neighbours-gotta love ’em!

  1. HE HE HE…You and the boys might be the only entertainment she gets!!..why dont you all get onto the wall dressed in fancy dress, then in haloween clothes, and lastly, streak up the wall….? 🙂 the trick is to be off before she profanes….as you know our neighbour is from the hot place as well….i’ve thought about putting stick bombs over their wall, or something horrid in their water – or to please my heart completely – a for sale sign outside their house…no doubt they’ll take it down….then i’ll put it up again with a SOLD! sign on….maybe they;ll the the message…..so YOU’re NOT alone…

    • lol T…i have actually done that before!!!!!! lol..was loads of fun…wonder what happened to those people hmmmm?????

  2. sorry should say ‘stiNk bombs’

  3. he ha ha, our neighbours are nice. Keep to themselves and dont poke there nose into others peoples business. When we stand in our kitchen we can see the neighbour dance in her lounge, the one night i couldn’t sleep so i went to go get something to drink from the kitchen, and she was walking around naked, I almost peed myself laughing

  4. LOL! At Mel’s comment!!!! I agree with Tanya, maybe the boys are the only entertainment she gets! LOL LOL LOL!

  5. LOL!!!!!!! she was my teacher..mad woman!!!!!!!!!!!!…she still come home at three in the morning??????? lmao!!!!

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