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Kitty antics.


I thought I’d let up on the family secrets for a while and post about something light for a change. In this house of mine there are bound to be more hectic stuff in the pipelines, living with two boys is not for the fainthearted, lemme tell you. When I feel more brave I’ll tell you about them almost burning down our neighbour’s garden (accident OF COURSE!)
But for now, it’s kitty’s.
We had my sister’s cat Rocky with us for week a while ago. He got up to all sorts of mischief, I’d wrtitten about it on my old blog, so I decided to add some kitty pics to the new blog. What would my blog be without some gorgeous kitty pics?  He’s an incredibly cute cat, with a huge personality. We are so used to our little princess, well behaved and dainty, that Rocky took us quite by surprise with his antics. He was sorely missed when he had to go home, I was quite ready to adopt him. But Madam would not have liked that AT ALL!
He's just adorable!

He's just adorable!

 He was playing with Kelim frills in our bedroom here, the look on his face is just too adorable!

This was just hilarious!

This was just hilarious!

 Here Mister decided to explore under our bed. The funny thing is, he’s used to a carpet, so when he attempted to go under the bed all we heard were nails scratching and slipping on the wooden floors! It was hilarious!!

Why read when there's osmosis?

Why read when there's osmosis?

 Here Madam is being her cute self in the boys bookshelf.

Isn't she the most beautiful kitty?

Isn't she the most beautiful kitty?

 I think she’s absolutely beautiful!!

Lying in my daddy's arms!

Lying in my daddy's arms!

This was during that very cold spell we had a while ago, Pete fell asleep on the bed with his Israeli army jacket and his army beanie, so please excuse the fashion victim look! Cassey decided that a thick jacket was just the ticket!

“A day without sunshine, is like, you know, night.”


3 thoughts on “Kitty antics.

  1. AAAAAAAAAWWWWW cuteness!!! Cassey looks so happy in Petes arms!!!!

  2. JUS read the quote..lol.lol.lol.lol..LMAO!!!!

  3. Those pics are so adorable. All of them are in a similar position to how I find my cats lol …

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